Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yay! I love these shoes.

I had all the time in the world to search for shoes!
After searching high and low from high-end
stores to high-street to just about
every nook and cranny, I laid my eyes
on these puppies. I found them at Aldo, and they kicked
all the other candidates to the curb!
I described them to my boyfriend
as shoes from outer space, because he doesn't
understand fashion or fashion lingo.
No matter how I would explain, he would see them
as space shoes. And I love him for that!
Anyway, I was so surprised when I tried them on,
because they were so comfortable and sturdy.
I don't own any wedge heels, but
I think I will own more in the future, as they are
super comfortable. I'm all about comfort when it comes
to my feet.
I also saw Mel, my saleslady friend, who
has lovingly agreed to hold a pair of shoes for me.
The store strictly holds items for only 48 hours, but she
told me that she would keep changing the dates on the holding slip
until my next paycheck. She also let me search through their
catalogue for shoes that the store will be receiving in the future! We
sat and chatted about shoes for like twenty minutes.
I'll be sure to thank her with a note when the transaction is complete.
I'll post a picture of my new shoes when they get here.
Tip: It's great to develop a relationship with
sales associates. They can help you when you really need it, and
if you meet a really great person, you can trust
him or her to not sell you something just to make a sale.
I told Mel that I was only there to look, and
she laughed and said it wasn't a problem and looked with me.