Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Leather Leggings

Without a doubt, there is at present
a large following of fashion lovers sporting
tight shiny black leggings everywhere. I'm not sure
who started this craze, but I'm definitely loving the trend!
I own a pair of member's only liquid leggings and they're
great. I can pair them with short skirts, dresses, tunics,
t-shirts, and so much more.
I had actually been wanting a pair of
leather leggings, but couldn't afford to buy any
for the longest time. All of the one's I've seen
are $400.00 to over $1000.00!
But I'll let you in on something...
I'm getting a pair custom made by a seller
I found on ebay.
The store is called, Colors of Passion, and they
will make you a pair that fits you like a glove for
just over $100.00. I'm sure they'll turn out
beautiful and will be just as nice as any other.
Although I like my liquid leggings, I'm opting for
a leather pair, because I believe it will look more polished
and sophisticated. I will also be able to wear them well
after the liquid legging trend fades, which, I'm
very sure it will.
There is definitey, in my opinion, an age limit to wearing
liquid leggings, but my leather leggings will
see me through the years to come!