Monday, August 11, 2008

Latest Obsession: Original Vintage Vogues

I am currently saving up for some vintage vogue magazines. I've got my eye on a couple issues from the 20's, 30's, 50's, and 60's. They are completely intact and in good condition. I can't wait to go through them. It will be wonderful to see all the fashions from the different decades. Moreover, it will give me some insight into the lifestyles of women in the past. I may decide to place the covers in frames, but this will devalue them, so I'm not so sure. In any case, I am definitely excited to get my hands on a few issues!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Following the Sartorialist - Courtesy of Vogue

For a look at fashion around the globe, look to the Sartorialist. He captures fashion in every form - good or bad.

Inquiring Mind: Really, how many NEW designs have designers come up with in the last decade, which have not been reminiscent of past decades?

When we look at the designs that have come off the runway in the last decade or so, how many of them are unique and not based on designs from past decades? For a few seasons now, we have seen collections where designers have created beautiful pieces reminiscent of the past. My favorite collections include designs that have modernized looks from the 60's, 70's, and 80's. Don't get me wrong. I'm so happy that I get to rummage through my mother's closet to find pieces that I can incorporate into my current wardrobe. I love emulating past style icons, such as Twiggy in my babydol mod dresses or Audrey Hepburn in my high-waisted skirts. But I'm left wondering, if we are continually looking towards the past for inspiration, what do we have in the modern age that strongly defines our era? When we look back at the 80's, which is a big trend these days, we can clealy depict what the fashion was like then. Today, where you see inspiration being pulled from all eras, what image will come to the mind's of people who ask: What did they wear in the 21st century? Well, I'm not complaining at all. I love everything there is to do with fashion. I was just curious that's all. I'm wondering now, if anyone else feels the same way. Hmmm....

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Jill Stuart Fall 2008

Check out Jill Stuart's fall collection at . It's quite girly as always and quite trendy. I love the over-the-knee high boots! Jill Stuart is somewhat affordable, so even if you're
strapped for cash, you could buy a
couple of investment pieces every so often.

Must-Haves for Now

Leather Bombers
High-Waisted Skirts

Dark Leggings & Tights

Cute Lil Booties

(Featured Booties: Christian Louboutin - Sigh...)