Monday, February 2, 2009

Presenting My Latest Obsession

I've posted previously that I wanted to purchase a few vintage
vogue magazines. Sadly, I waited too long and was not able
to get my hands on the ones I really wanted, which dated back
to the 1900s. I am still very happy with the ones I was able to get.
One is a traveller's issue from 1947 and the other is a Christmas
Gift issue from 1953. The latter has great significance because
that was the year my mom was born. I've greatly enjoyed looking
through the pages. The clothing, accessories, and ads featured in the
magazines are all so beautiful. I have decided to frame them as
art and will hopefully be able to find the right place for them
to be hung. I will also be collecting more illustrated vintage fashion
magazines in the future. I think they'll look so chic
hung together somewhere.