Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Lambswool Vest

I'm wearing a Jill Stuart dress from the fall 2007 collection.
I bought it overseas in South Korea.
I actually wore this outfit on my last trip to Toronto
with my grandma -minus the boots!
(I wore flat boots that day, which, I actually borrowed from
my grandma. I guess you can call them vintage!)
I bought this black curly-haired lambswool vest
on the Internet a while ago. There were three different lengths
to choose from, and I ended up choosing a shorter
length. I think I would have preferred the longer
cut, but this will do.The quality is so great in
comparison to its cost. Maybe in the fall I'll order
the longer one.
My poor Bangul! He's looking at all that wool and
thinking, 'I hope I'm not next!'
His fur is very similar. Its curly and soft!
Actually, I believe the wool was sheared, so
there wasn't any cruelty involved.
My other little dog is actually preoccupied in
the picture. She had spotted something on top of
the table and wanted me to get it down for her.
(By the way, sorry for the boring backdrops.
This room is actually my sister's.
It's the only room with enough lighting to take pictures.)