Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jill Stuart Fall 2009

Fall 2009 looks have already been released along the runways
by many designers. I haven't followed up on all of the shows, but of course,
I am very much liking the Jill Stuart collection, especially the shoes and lace
up boots! Jill Stuart always remains true to her girlish and ethereal
customs, but there was definitely a rock and roll vibe.
Many other collections were also showing a lot of black,
white, and leather, but in a very mannish tone.

My Lambswool Vest

I'm wearing a Jill Stuart dress from the fall 2007 collection.
I bought it overseas in South Korea.
I actually wore this outfit on my last trip to Toronto
with my grandma -minus the boots!
(I wore flat boots that day, which, I actually borrowed from
my grandma. I guess you can call them vintage!)
I bought this black curly-haired lambswool vest
on the Internet a while ago. There were three different lengths
to choose from, and I ended up choosing a shorter
length. I think I would have preferred the longer
cut, but this will do.The quality is so great in
comparison to its cost. Maybe in the fall I'll order
the longer one.
My poor Bangul! He's looking at all that wool and
thinking, 'I hope I'm not next!'
His fur is very similar. Its curly and soft!
Actually, I believe the wool was sheared, so
there wasn't any cruelty involved.
My other little dog is actually preoccupied in
the picture. She had spotted something on top of
the table and wanted me to get it down for her.
(By the way, sorry for the boring backdrops.
This room is actually my sister's.
It's the only room with enough lighting to take pictures.)

Friday, February 27, 2009

A Gift From My Better Half

For my 25th birthday, my boyfriend took me shopping
and said that I could buy anything I wanted.
After hours of perusing, I chose these ankle boots.
(They're called "Bang Bang" and
I think they're quite befitting to celebrate turning 25!)
These are also one of the highest pair of heels I
own. They boast a 10cm heel!
I won't go anywhere with these on without my boyfriend in tow.
We've dated on and off for over 8 years,
and he's never done this before!
I never expected it, but it was
a nice surprise.
I will treasure these forever.
Thank you for being so patient.
Thank you for liking them, even when I know
you really don't.
I know how you hate ankle boots!
Thank you.

Fashion Showgoer

Courtesy of: The Sartorialist

This woman took some risks, but I like how
it all came together. It's unexpected and a little
wonky, yet extremely chic.

Trying on Shoes with My Darlings

Two of my three darling pups have joined me in trying on shoes.
They're not having as much fun as I'm having.
Can you tell? ^^
I bought these shoes last season after saving up.
They're "museum quality". The design is really sculptural
and the colors are gorgeous!
They're also surprisingly comfortable.
These shoes should come with a warning that reads:
"May cause vertigo."
They are one of the highest pair of heels I own.
I'll only wear them with my boyfriend
as my chaperone.
I love the shirt I'm wearing. It's Marc by Marc Jacobs.
I bought it in South Korea while I was teaching and
making some serious dough.
-A reward for all of my hard work!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ankle Boot, ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Fall 2008
Leather and Suede Sandals, BALENCIAGA Precollection 2009
What am I going to do about those sandals?
(very loud sigh)
It's a good thing they're a little too high for my liking.
Also, I only tend to spend more on items that
can be worn for many years. Although these sandals
are unique enough to escape all trends, they'd be a
little too sexy and impractical in a few years to come, for me anyhow.
I saw them on my last shopping excursion.
They'll eventually probably go on sale, since
I've noticed that all the atypical shoes (the nice ones),
get left on the shelves.
We shall see.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Leather Leggings

Without a doubt, there is at present
a large following of fashion lovers sporting
tight shiny black leggings everywhere. I'm not sure
who started this craze, but I'm definitely loving the trend!
I own a pair of member's only liquid leggings and they're
great. I can pair them with short skirts, dresses, tunics,
t-shirts, and so much more.
I had actually been wanting a pair of
leather leggings, but couldn't afford to buy any
for the longest time. All of the one's I've seen
are $400.00 to over $1000.00!
But I'll let you in on something...
I'm getting a pair custom made by a seller
I found on ebay.
The store is called, Colors of Passion, and they
will make you a pair that fits you like a glove for
just over $100.00. I'm sure they'll turn out
beautiful and will be just as nice as any other.
Although I like my liquid leggings, I'm opting for
a leather pair, because I believe it will look more polished
and sophisticated. I will also be able to wear them well
after the liquid legging trend fades, which, I'm
very sure it will.
There is definitey, in my opinion, an age limit to wearing
liquid leggings, but my leather leggings will
see me through the years to come!


-Playing Dressup-
I'm wearing a Club Monaco sleeveless blouse and
high-waisted pouffy skirt. The belt is hand-made by
a Canadian designer named Susana Erazo. I met her
at the ElleShow last year and fell in love with this belt
when I visited her booth. She was so helpful and cool.
She even gave me a discount!
This particular belt was later featured in Elle Canada.
You can view her work on her website,
Do you like my shoes?
I do!

And Another Bill Bites The Dust!

Talk about quick service! Thank-you Mel. My sandals arrived today!
These are sooooo chic! (How many exclamation marks can I use in one post?^^)
These lovelies are "vegan". Many long hours went into hand-making
them to look like leather using non-animal and eco-friendly materials.
And that's why they cost so much! But I had no choice...
I couldn't part with them. I used the "cost-per-wear" principle when I decided to
buy these.They're unique and have a twisted yet classic shape.
I'm sure I'll wear them for a long long time. Don't anyone criticize me for buying
another pair! You wouldn't part a girl from her shoes would you?^^
P.S. I may be addicted to shoes. Shhh...don't tell SA! (shoeaholics anon)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yay! I love these shoes.

I had all the time in the world to search for shoes!
After searching high and low from high-end
stores to high-street to just about
every nook and cranny, I laid my eyes
on these puppies. I found them at Aldo, and they kicked
all the other candidates to the curb!
I described them to my boyfriend
as shoes from outer space, because he doesn't
understand fashion or fashion lingo.
No matter how I would explain, he would see them
as space shoes. And I love him for that!
Anyway, I was so surprised when I tried them on,
because they were so comfortable and sturdy.
I don't own any wedge heels, but
I think I will own more in the future, as they are
super comfortable. I'm all about comfort when it comes
to my feet.
I also saw Mel, my saleslady friend, who
has lovingly agreed to hold a pair of shoes for me.
The store strictly holds items for only 48 hours, but she
told me that she would keep changing the dates on the holding slip
until my next paycheck. She also let me search through their
catalogue for shoes that the store will be receiving in the future! We
sat and chatted about shoes for like twenty minutes.
I'll be sure to thank her with a note when the transaction is complete.
I'll post a picture of my new shoes when they get here.
Tip: It's great to develop a relationship with
sales associates. They can help you when you really need it, and
if you meet a really great person, you can trust
him or her to not sell you something just to make a sale.
I told Mel that I was only there to look, and
she laughed and said it wasn't a problem and looked with me.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Perusing The Cosmetic Shelves

I decided to add a few pictures of me to my blog.
This is the latest one I could find. I'm wearing a tired, old black
coat, but I added some edge with my navy and red
Alexander McQueen skull scarf (barely visible). I'm in love with it, despite the fact
that it has been overworn by celebs and stylesetters alike.
The chiffon is rich and the colors work really well together and
can liven up just about any outfit.
It's a classic, in an odd sort of way.
I wonder if I'll still wear it on occasion when I'm old and grey.

I took this picture for my Korean cyworld blog last summer I think. This was just me having a little fun playing dress up. (It's a Korean thing.)

Mom's Vintage Accessories

This is a not-so-recent picture of me posing to show off my mom's vintage
leopard belt. Green jeweled eyes and rhinestones adorn its gold metal face.
Oh! The bag is vintage Capezio. It's made from the softest buttery leather!

Monday, February 16, 2009

S'More Balmain Please

The structured shoulders remind me of Balenciaga. (Forgive me for warping the images. In an attempt to
size down the images using my cursor, the models' faces became distorted. But maybe, this is a good thing...^^)
I love all the jackets from this collection. Had I the money, I would have loved to get one. (HEARTBROKEN SIGH)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

This look is so cute and
edgy. I'm liking the shoes!
This look is available
The dress is Haute Hippie
and the shoes are
Dolce Vita and they are
relatively inexpensive.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Balmain Structured Shoulder Jacket
Me likey!

I'm loving these shoes!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Presenting My Latest Obsession

I've posted previously that I wanted to purchase a few vintage
vogue magazines. Sadly, I waited too long and was not able
to get my hands on the ones I really wanted, which dated back
to the 1900s. I am still very happy with the ones I was able to get.
One is a traveller's issue from 1947 and the other is a Christmas
Gift issue from 1953. The latter has great significance because
that was the year my mom was born. I've greatly enjoyed looking
through the pages. The clothing, accessories, and ads featured in the
magazines are all so beautiful. I have decided to frame them as
art and will hopefully be able to find the right place for them
to be hung. I will also be collecting more illustrated vintage fashion
magazines in the future. I think they'll look so chic
hung together somewhere.
This is me at Toronto's L'Oreal Fashion Week for the Spring/Summer 2009 collections. After a whole day's worth of shopping and dining, my boyfriend and I were able to catch one of the last shows of the evening. We were able to see Andy The Anh's new collection for spring, and it was quite good. I didn't upload any pictures from the show, because my camera pretty much produced only blurred photos. It was quite a spectacle. The show featured an electric violinist who played adaptations of Nirvana and other modern songs.

Spring Shopping List

Killer Dress
Killer Sandals

Note: Learn to build your wardrobe on a budget by investing
in a FEW key pieces each season. Choose clean and classic shapes
that will stand the test of time, OR go for something really
unique and striking that will never go out of style.
Keep in mind that spending a little more on these pieces
will be worth it in the long run.
(I have this great little blazer in my closet that I
bought about 5 years ago. It was a little pricey, but thanks to
it's clean lines and great construction you'd think I bought it yesterday.)
I will be investing in a longer blazer this year that can be
dressed up or down with jeans, a tank and skirt, or a cute and sexy dress.

When it comes to shoes, I don't mind splurging
for a well-constructed and well-designed pair.
Shoes can be like walking art and can (with the risk of sounding
trite) "make or break an outfit".
While I'm not one to wear an ensemble that screams
for attention on my small frame, I'm starting to feel quite
comfortable in shoes that aren't so shy.
I'm loving the black strappy little thing above.