Friday, December 10, 2010

Something Gold... Something New...

My Latest Acquisition
To be continued...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bolduc Scarf Ring

Hermes Bolduc Scarf Ring - Palladium

Yes...  I realize that I have been M.I.A. for some time now.
I have been extrememly busy with school and all.
No time for fashion or fun!
To make up for lost time, may I present
my new scarf ring!
I wanted the Regate, which my closest store
did not have in stock.
The SA went searching the store for me,
because she could see that I was a tad
sad and found a Bolduc.
I wasn't sure at first, but as soon as
she tried it on a scarf and tactically
wrapped the seducing silk
around my neck, I changed my mind.
Quite chic and beautiful.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Could it be? Non... Mais, oui!

Macaroons from Pierre Herme, Paris

My brother's sweet girlfriend brought these back from her trip to London last weekend...
My favourite was the lemon... There was an interesting wasabi-strawberry flavoured one, which
was surprisingly delicious.  I'm totally hooked!
And so begins my macaroon hunt...
I'll have to hold off until my next trip to the big city as there are no
macaroons here. My planned first stop: Moroco Chocolat at 99 Yorkville Ave. Toronto.
Judging from the pics on their website, I feel like I am in for a real treat! 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Tale of the Skirt, Final Act

As I promised, without further ado... my finished skirt.

Needless to say, when the day finally arrived for me to pick up my finished skirt, I was ecstatic!
Mi-Lyn was like my fairy godmother... She was able to take one and a half yards of the most unsightly
tweed/poly-blend and turn it into something of quality and beauty.  The skirt is totally different than
what was originally wanted, but I'm quite happy with my decision to keep it long. At any time, I will still be able
to take it as short as Katie Holmes' if I so desire.
Under the sculpted skirt are layers upon layers of crinoline!  It really is quite tiny in the waist and the skirt is so full.  The picture does not do this skirt justice.  I promise more action shots to come.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Photos Courtesy of

Alexander... why must thou torture us so? 
There was an intimate unveiling of McQueen's
unfinished collection comprised of 16 looks during
a sombre fashion week. Sombre, of course, because
of the recent passing of one of fashion's most beloved patrons.
The detail, the tailoring, and the design of all of his pieces in this 
final collection left me speechless.  Such beauty, such artistry,
and such power...  It's almost torturous how he left leaving his vision
unfinished.  We can only imagine what his finished vision would have
been, not only of the collection but in the presentation.  We all know
that his shows are unlike any other.  His shows were art.

Video footage of his final collection for fall 2010 can be seen on
Fashionista.  The video includes
footage of devinely sculpted shoes and
handbags printed using the same digital church painting prints McQueen
had special ordered for some of the pieces in his collection.  (Reference:
I'm particularly in love with his printed handbags, and
it would truly be a dream to be able to afford something from
his final collection.

May he rest in peace...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Prelude to the Final Act in The Tale of the Skirt

Photo Courtesy of

I have to apologize for my laziness lately.  I have yet to write the final chapter of my skirt tale
for you, even though it has been quite some time since I brought the finished
piece home.  I will finish the fable as soon as I can, and I'll be sure to post
some action photos as well.  In the mean time... I've posted a look from Louis Vuitton's
fall/winter 2010 show to give you a hint of what's to come.  I was surprised to see
that the skirts from the show were very similar to my custom concoction!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Sorry Tavi... I hope you don't mind, but I stole your picture!
Tavi has credited this picture to Cafe Mode and Grazia.

I first saw Tavi featured in an article in a glossy a while back.
All I knew was that she was the tiniest new BIG name in the blogger cyber world.
I was curious and left myself a mental note:
-google tavi
I never got around to it.  A few weeks ago, I saw her featured on television.
She was collaborating with Rodarte and was traipsing around
during the fashion shows interviewing designers and big names in fashion.
Needless to say... she was adorable and smart!

I finally googled her name today.
After one look at her blog, I confess, I am hooked.
Her posts are interesting and her comments make me laugh!
Now, for the most part, I am a minimalist dying to be a maximalist inside.
I like clean and simple lines but will sport unique pieces now and then or maybe
a strange shoe.

Well, Tavi is one powerful pixie...
She makes me want to dress more quirky and makes me think,
'Hey, if a 13 year old has that much confidence and creative power, why the hell can't I?'
I'll tell you why.  It's because I'm chicken shit, and I'm a grown up, and I care way too
much about what people think!
Well... as my good neighbor says, "Piss on it!"
I'm going to be more daring and wear more of what I dream to wear.

I've been so busy lately, and I've hardly had time to chill out.
When I do, I will certainly be reading up on Tavi's adventures.
It's like Tavi in Wonderland.  What crazy episodes await her down the rabbit hole?  I'll only know if I read on.

Read with me!

Friday, February 12, 2010

God Save McQueen!


I just learned about the tragic passing of fashion's "enfant terrible".
His shows were like no others.
I was hoping that one day, I would be able to wear one of his
ready to wear creations... Sadly, that day will never come.
I love my skull scarf, and now, I think I will cherish it ever more.
It's really a sad day in fashion...

Maison Martin Margiela

two-tone sandals

I love these sandals... You can get them on Net-a-Porter.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


If pictures can speak a thousand words... is there really anything left that I can say?  I adore Stella McCartney... I always have.  I'll be using her collection for inspiration for the way I dress this spring.  I love both these looks in particular. 
Chanel classic double flap with gold hardware, OTK boots worn over black opaque tights worn under a $15 dollar cotton gauze dress, navy blazer

I purchased the double flap just after I finished working in S. Korea. It was a gift to myself.  It was on my wishlist since I was 17 or so, and I'm so lucky I got it then, because they've nearly doubled in price! The good thing about classic bags is that you can use them forever... I don't have a lot of bags but the ones I have are classic and high in quality to ensure that I'll get great use of them.

The Tale of the Skirt, Part Deux

...A month went by in a flash.  It was Christmas, and like everyone else, I was so preoccupied
with the comings and goings of the season, I didn't really think about my skirt.  Out of the blue, I
received a call from my dressmaker.  It was time for my first fitting!  Needless to say, I was excited
to see what she had concocted from the pictures I showed her and the second rate fabric I provided. 
I entered the shop and Mi-Lyn greeted me with an inaudible, but very warm hello.  Then, from behind the
counter, she pulled out my skirt.  "What is that?" I asked myself while trying to keep the excited
look on my face. 

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chocolate Brown Marni Wedge Sandals

I purchased these delicious chocolate brown BNIB Marni wedge
sandals on ebay two summers ago. They were over 70% off!
They were an amazing deal.  They'll look great
with spring's neutrals, nudes, and camels.
I will have to sport some action shots soon.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Tale of the Skirt, Part One

I remember seeing this skirt on Katie Holmes on the web one day, and I nearly fell off my chair!  I love the sculptural elements and the subtle couture quality of it.  To this day, I'm not sure who it was made by, but I have
a feeling it's Lanvin, Armani, or Fendi.  I could be totally wrong, though...  In any case, I surely wouldn't have been able to afford it.  So what's a girl like me to do?  I really really wanted the skirt, and after days of obsessing over it, I decided to take action.  I printed some pics and headed to a local dressmaker.  The shop was really small and, to be honest, I wasn't really keen on the gowns and frocks that occupied most of the tiny space.  I was greeted by a very quiet and pleasant woman.  Her name was Mi-Lyn, and I think I totally overwhelmed her with my pleading and all my questions.  "Do you think you can do it? Really? Can you make it look just as sculptural and tailored as in the picture? Oh please say yes!" 

My First Hermes Silk

It's been too long since my last post...
I've been way too busy to keep up, and besides, I don't think anyone
reads my blog anyway.  I just wanted to post that my dear boyfriend
bought me my first Hermes scarf.
It's a Brides de Gala, Dip Dye in aubergine.
It's quite possibly my most favorite accessory!
If you've read my previous posts, you might remember a pair of
Louboutin boots I received as a 25th birthday present from my boyfriend.
Sadly, I could not wear them because they were too high... and after some thought,
I realized how silly it was to have chosen a pair of shoes for such a special and rare gift.
I ended up selling them. This scarf is what I purchased as a replacement.
I think this was a good purchase because I can wear it until I'm old and grey, and I
can pass it on to my daughter.
Loubs are not something that can be worn by a 85 year old lady with a cane!