Friday, January 16, 2009

Buy Now And Read: Kate Moss Style by Angela Buttolph

Anyone who believes that Kate Moss is a true style icon will enjoy this book. I certainly did. Angela Buttolph tries to answer the question: Was Kate Moss born with style? Read and discover how the world of fashion found her, how she developed her unique sense of style, and how she has turned into one of the most powerful fashion icons of our time.


Ooh... These are to die for!
Don't let them intimidate you.
I saw a gorgeous girl wearing these
at Holt's over her skinny jeans.
She was so chic.
I couldn't help but gush over them
as well as her lipstick red Birkin.
Let's hope Louboutin comes up with something
similar next fall and also hope that he
doesn't make them too steep -in heel and price!
Knowing me, I would also be more
comfortable in a pair that hit just over
the knee.