Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Tale of the Skirt, Part Deux

...A month went by in a flash.  It was Christmas, and like everyone else, I was so preoccupied
with the comings and goings of the season, I didn't really think about my skirt.  Out of the blue, I
received a call from my dressmaker.  It was time for my first fitting!  Needless to say, I was excited
to see what she had concocted from the pictures I showed her and the second rate fabric I provided. 
I entered the shop and Mi-Lyn greeted me with an inaudible, but very warm hello.  Then, from behind the
counter, she pulled out my skirt.  "What is that?" I asked myself while trying to keep the excited
look on my face. 
 It was two times longer than it should be and it lacked structure.  It looked like an old lady's
skirt found at a second hand store.  Mi-Lyn told me that she had left it longer so that we could pin the hem exactly where I wanted it.  She also said that we would have to add crinoline underneath for the skirt to have the same volume as in the picture.  I was again, hopeful.  A few pricks here and there and I finally managed to get the skirt on.  I was pleasantly surprised when I saw what was reflected in the mirror.  The skirt actually looked amazing on, and I could only imagine how much more satifisfied I would be once the crinoline had been sewn in and the skirt was completed.  What was more surprising was the fact that I actually liked the length.  The hem hit me just below the knees.  Picture Audrey Hepburn floating around in a  full skirt cinched at the waist!  This presented a new dilemma.  Was I going to shorten the hem so the skirt would hit me mid-thigh like the one on Katie, or was I going to leave it as is -Audrey style?  I asked for Mi-Lyn's opinion.  She liked both styles, but said that I could always leave it long and shorten it after some wear.  She pinned up half the skirt so I could see what the shorter version would look like.  They were both equally stunning!  I mulled over it for a good 15 minute or so.  I probably drove Mi-Lyn bonkers, but I'll never know.  She smiled the entire time, and didn't say much.  Mi-Lyn was about to close shop and I had to come to a decision.  I have to admit, I was always a huge Audrey fan.  Mi-Lyn said she would call in couple of weeks, and with that I went home, happy with my decision. be continued.